Welcome to U/FUSED – United for Undergraduate Socio-Economic Diversity!

U/FUSED is a coalition of passionate students, student governments, and allies working to improve socioeconomic diversity and awareness at our nation’s top colleges and universities.

To accomplish this goal, U/FUSED actively develops and connects student groups and student governments at institutions of higher education across the country, while also compiling and developing policy on the subject.  U/FUSED provides direction and guidance for each of our members, and also empowers them to innovate and operate independently.  We aim to enable chapters to learn from each other and implement best practices, and to leverage our collective strength to bring national attention and action to the issue of undergraduate socioeconomic diversity. At many universities across the country, it is university administrators that aim to increase their school’s diversity. U/FUSED helps foster student activism for achieving similar ends.

On this website you can find various updates from our member organizations, updates on our research and advocacy, and various tools for education and financial aid information! All are pages are located on the menu above.

To find out more about what we’re doing read our About Us and Policy sections

To read the most recent updates from members, read our Blogs

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